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Racing Series Summary

Many of the races included in the Sailing Calendar make up part of a designated series. There is no requirement to enter all the races of a series and KYC members are welcome to take part in any single event that is listed.

Visiting yachts must register with the Secretary as series entrants if they wish to be included in the points score. KYC yachts will automatically be included in the point score if they take part in one or more races of a series.

Twilight Series

Code TB (Before Christmas) - 11 races, 2 discards
Code TA (After Christmas) - 12 races, 2 discards
Code T (Combined) - 23 races, 4 discards

There are two series of Twilight races - Before Christmas (Code TB in the Sailing Program) and After Christmas (Code TA). Trophies are also awarded for these two series combined (Code T).

TASSAL and Boat Sales Tasmania are joint sponsors of the Twilight Before Christmas series. TASSAL and Derwent Boat Sales are joint sponsors of the Twilight After Christmas series. Races are held on Wednesday evenings starting at 18:00 hours during the daylight-saving period.

Long Race Series

Code L - 6 races, 1 discard

There are six races in this series. Two of the races are safety category 7 and four are category 5. Check the calendar for start times and any sailing instructions for further information.

Winter Series

Code W - 7 races, 1 discard

Most of the winter series races are 'around the buoys’ (permanent marks) but the second race (W2) takes Division 2 around Green Island. The starting time for all races is 11:00 hours.

Short Course Series

Code S - 4 races, 0 discard

Short Course Series consists of four short races over two day to give smaller boats the opportunity to do some spinnaker work.

Events Organised by Other Clubs

Selected events noted in italics and by code O in the Sailing Calendar are from the calendars of other Clubs and are included for information only in the KYC Sailing Program. The information was correct at the time of publication but dates and times should be checked with the relevant Club. Similarly, entry to these events is at the discretion of those Clubs, and entry fees usually apply. Those intending to compete should make enquiries well before the advertised date.

Trophies and Plaques

Most trophies and plaques of KYC are awarded at the Annual Dinner and may include the following:

Winter Series Pennant                        Division handicap winners

Long Series Pennant                           Division handicap winners

Twilight Series Pennant

         Before Christmas                        Division handicap winners

         After Christmas                           Division handicap winners

         Combined Series                         Division handicap winners

Bill Parker Perpetual Trophy               Handicap winner of the Green Island Race (Winter Series) - Division 2

Betsey Island Trophy                           Division handicap winners

Channel Challenge Weekend

        Tim Malone Memorial Trophy          Handicap winner of the Hope Island Race - Division 1

         Icebreaker Classic                      Handicap winner of Dutchy Neville Memorial Race - Division 2

         Green Island Classic                   Handicap winner of Green Island Race - Division 2

         Channel Challenge Classic        Overall handicap winner - Division 2

          Icebreaker Series                       Overall handicap winner - Division 1

TASSAL Trophy                                     Outstanding Service to the Club

Other trophies and plaques may be awarded for specific races or other reasons.

Social Races Summary

Channel Challenge Feeder Race (E5)

The Channel Challenge includes a feeder race from Hobart for the Tim Malone Memorial Race to Hope Island. Divisions will be allocated by the PRO according to how many entries are received. A notice of race will be available prior to the event.

Dennes Point Race (E7)

As part of the Channel Challenge, there will be a race to Dennes Point.

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Appreciation Race (E9)

A race at the conclusion of the Twilight season to recognise the efforts and show appreciation to the Principal Race Officer and those who have served on the committee boat during the season.

Ladies Helm / Single Handed / Double Handed Race (E11)

A race for boats helmed by ladies with as many crew as desired or single-handed or double handed of any gender. No spinnakers allowed. All yachts are welcome to join in.

Navigation Cruise (C1)

A very lowkey cruise to Recherche Bay over the Australia Day long weekend. This is a joint venture between KYC and CYC. All boats are welcome. Contact Richard Taylor for further information.


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